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Pro Bono Indiana

Executive Director: Scott Wylie, Esq.

Administrative Director: Jeana Goebel

VLP Plan Administrator: Maxwell Happe, Esq.

VLP Legal Navigator: Jordan Terrell


Helping vulnerable people who can't afford civil legal services is vital to creating access to justice and supporting the ethical obligations of the legal profession. We support legal professionals, litigants, and our communities by working to help our legal system.


If you are an attorney of legal professional and want to help those in need we can help you find opportunities to volunteer. There are many ways to help and we work to make it easy to do.


If you are lost or trying to find legal help, you can find civil legal resources by clicking the above link or by clicking the "get help" link.


Our work to assist indigent clients is supported by donors. We appreciate your support in helping us help those in need.

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